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It’s unbelievable!

Mesut doesn’t just have 4 stars on his shirt now, my gallery is now featuring over 10,000 images oif him!
I think that alone is worth an entry ;)
If you want to have full access to the gallery, simply register and you will be able to see a lot of funy and HQ images!
Oh, and if you’re a little bit more interested in the site, I’m always looking for supporters! If you’re able to make graphics, want to add some images to the gallery or write an entry here from time to time, simply send me an email!

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I promise I’ll be back this weekend latest! I’ve been to the international friendly against Chile yesterday and do of course want to share all my impressions anf pictures with you (be prepared ;) ). Unfortunatley that will take some more time….SORRY!

Off we go!
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Small update from me just to tell you that I might not be able to update the site until Sunday as I am going to Milan now :)
Keep your fingers crossed for the German National Team, playing against Italy on Friday, 8.45pm.

New old Icons
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I was in the mood to make some more icons for you today. I chose a photoshoot Mesut had back in his Schalke days.
Do you like them? :)


⇒ all icons

My short trip to Cologne [report]
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As promised here’s my short report from my trip to Cologne :)

I’d been waiting for this “short” trip for such a long time. Wednesday finally came and though I was damn tired we drove of to Dusseldorf at halb past 6 am. After we had arrived at our hotel a little after 11am, we actually threw out luggage in the hotel room and went to the National Team’s hotel, accompanied with a little rain. Rush at the hotel: pretty less, which made my mood rise a lot though it was raining and got really cold. Just like in Munich back in September the team had a day off 2 days before the match and as you can see in the pics below, I was successful!  (Please ignore the date I’ve written on the pics, something went totally wrong when editing the pics…:-/).

What made me most happy that first day was the autograph I got from Mesut on the pic I took with him in Munich – God knows why I had a green pen…
Still I didn’t want to give up hope to get another pic with him and so we kept on waiting in front of the hotel a “little” more until we were told that waiting probably won’t make much sense anymore, so we left about 8.30pm.

With too little sleep, day 2 finally started on Wednesday. As I’ve read on Facebook, I knew that Mesut, Sami Khedira and Hansi Flick would have a press conference before the team would move to the hotel in Cologne. So we took another glance on the 3 guys and as they had left  left drove some good 40minutes to our next hotel in Cologne. When we arrived at the team hotel in Cologne it started raining pretty hard even before the national team was in sight. Then I finally had my big moment :D I actually made it to get another pic with Mesut, unfortunatelly not as nice as the one I took in munich, but still: A pic with Mesut!!!

When the team’s bus arrived the weather hadn’t gotten much better so only a few fans were in front of the hotel. I had some more luck getting pics with some other players and had some pics signed, too.

I still haven’t totally realized what I did next and thanks to my boyfriend, without him I would probably never have made it. I had a banner printed, especially for the trip to Cologne which I wanted to get signed by him. In front of the hotel: nearly impossible. But still: it worked…:)

Klicken für Bild in voller Größe
At this point I wanna thank two guys who actually made me that happy (I still can’t believe it): José Meneses and Holger Stromberg, who gave Mesut my banner and he actually signed it.
I am truly grateful you two helped me that much [I’m still thinking of a  thank you… ;)].
Maybe you want to check out their websites, you can find the links of both in the sidebar!

Friday: Ireland Match Day! I really thought our seats in section W7 would be really bad, but they weren’t at all! The team played 3:0, as I already posted on here a few days ago.

Still ill, tired, hurt but more than happy we finally drove back home our few hundret kilometers right after the match.
The short trip was truly successful and I would always make a trip like that again! Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to see the team again before the match in Stuttgart, still thinking of flying to Milan! If so, be sure to find out here!

As usual, you can find all the pics in the gallery. I’m thankful for constructive feedback, this is my fist “real” report and I diddn’t want to write that much though. But let me know if you wanna read more/other stuff next time! :)

Happy Birthday!
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As you might have seen, right for Mesut’s birthday, things changed a bit.
First of all

From the very bottom of my heart, happy happy birthday Mesut!
I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me, maybe I do get the chance one day, till then enjoy the site I’m passionately running for over 3 years now, and I don’t regret a single second nor a single Cent I spent on it!
I hope you’re having a GREAT day, bring Germany another victory and make us World Champion 2014!
Wherever, whenever and however, I’ll always support you :)


Additionally, I finally managed it to make the site bilingual, yippy! So it’s up to you wether you wanna visit me in German or English.
Also, I’ve added a Guestbook on the right side, feel free to leave comments, feedback…

Edit: Unfortunately, as my domain hasn’t fully been moved yet, I can’t change the links correctly, so if you want to visit the GERMAN VERSION, simply click on the link.

Off ya go again!
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I just wanted to let you know that I will now leave for Cologne/Dusseldorf :D

I’m pretty excited but I can’t promise that I will be able to update the site during the next 3 days…:( I hope I can, keep your fingers crossed I can take some pics for you all!

See you soon!

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