Arsenal 4 : Istanbul 1
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Congratulations! After the defeat against Dortmund, the second Champions League match was much better for Arsenal. Though their keeper Szczesny got a red card in minute 60, the team was able to go in the lead in the second half and finally could win the match with a 4:
Goals were shot by Welbeck (minute 22 and 30), Sanchez (minute 41, assist Özil) and finally Welbeck again (minute 52).
Arsenal has 3 points and is now #2 in the Champions League table, right after Dortmund.


Dortmund 2 : Arsenal 0
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Unfortunately the first Champions League qualificaion match wasn’t very nice for Arsenal. Dortmund conrolled Wenger’s team from the beginning, and Arsenal lost 0:2 in Germany. Too bad! Let’s hope the second leg will be better for the team.
Arsenal will face Galatasary Istanbul in London on October 1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


FC Arsenal 1 : Besiktas JK 0
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Champions League Play-Offs continued and Arsenal won against Besiktas 1:0.
The only goal in the match was shot by Sanchez in minute 45.
Mesut was able to play until minute 76 when he was substituted for Chambers.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Arsenal, let’s hope this years Champions League season will be good!


FC Bayern Munich 1 : Arsenal 1
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Unfortunately Arsenal couldn’t win against “unbeatable” Bayern Munich. It was lukas Podolski who shot the equal goal in minute 57, but as Arsenal lost the first leg 0 :  2, the won’t enter quarter finals this year.
But they do still have some time left to become Top of Premier League again!


Arsenal 0 : Bayern Munich 2
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Something actually went terribly wrong yesterday evening at Emirats Stadium. Mesut fails a penatly – but also does Alaba from Bayber Munich! A really exciting first half for both teams. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on Arenal’s side in the second half. It were Mesut’s national team mates Kroos and Müller who shot the two deciding goals. There ist still a modicum of hope for Arsenal, the second leg will in Munich will be on March 11.


Arsenal 2 : Liverpool 1

Arsenal made it to finally win against Liverpool in FA Cup round of 16.
Goals were shot by Oxlade-Chamberlain in minute 16 andPodolski in minute 47.
Congratulations! Arsenal will now face FC Everton in quarter final on March 8, 2014.
For now I wish oyu good luck against FC Bayern Munich on February 19!


Arsenal 2 : Olympique Marseille 0
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And another victory! After Arsenal won against Marseille yesterday, they’re still #1 in CL’s group F table, 12 points in total now. The last qualifying round match will be on December 11 in Naples, but I bet they already made their way to the round of sixteen.

Yesterday’s goals were both shot by Wilshire (minute 1 & 65).

Well done, boys!

Five games – 12 points. Wonderful. But still one step to go,


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